Making Your Data Come to Life with Power BI


Using Microsoft Power BI, we’ll help you deliver high quality reports that will wow your company and provide valuable insights that will make you more effective and efficient.

If you are new to Power BI, it is a leading business analytics platform that enables users to quickly and easily build powerful dashboard reports. With minimal training, business users across your company can access data on their own and get answers quickly without relying on IT or analysts.


  • Bring all your silo’d data into one place for a complete picture of your business
  • Simply work and improve workflow efficiencies
  • Easily deliver & consume data to help make more data-driven decisions
  • Reduce demand for services from your technical team & lessen one-off data requests
  • Reduce services and infrastructure costs
Power BI Consulting
Power BI Training


  • Data Modeling – From the data model, to the report building, to the delivery to end users, we can work with you to set everything up just the way you want it.

  • Report Building – We’ll work with you to find the best way to visualize your data so that you spend less time searching through the data and more time deciding what to do based on the data.

  • DAX & Power Query Help – Have just a few formulas you can’t figure out? No request is too small.

  • Power BI Service Implementation – Whether you’re building apps for different departments within your company or using Power BI Embedded on your website, we can help make sure the right data gets to the right people.

  • Training – Book us for personalized training sessions and we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t need us again! View our training options

  • Support & Maintenance – Contact us as needed if something goes wrong, we’re always available.

  • Build Everything – Need help in all areas? Combine any or all of the items above and we’ll work with you to set everything up just the way you want it.