Power BI Training Power BI Training Personalized for Your Busuiness


Online Training
Online Training
1-4 hour sessions online. Learn via Zoom with your data.
In-Person Training
In-Person Training
Half or full days where we’ll come to your office and train with your data.
Training & Support
Training & Support
Sign up for training and support hours to receive a 10% discount.

Every business is unique. And as a result, so is their data, their needs and their decision making processes. Although we support the “Dashboard in a Day” events, our Power BI training team see’s much better results when educating using real data. For that reason, both our in-person and online training sessions are completely customizable. And we don’t use a sample worksheet, they’re done with your real data.

A typical experience with us will look like this:

  • Intro Call – A 1 hour online session between your trainer(s) and 1-2 of your team members to determine:

    • Goals for the training
    • Your timeline
    • How trainer(s) will access the data
  • Knowledge Survey – We’ll send you a brief survey to get a sense of where you’re currently at with Power BI.

  • Review Time – Trainer(s) will review your data & goals and prepare a lesson plan

  • Your First Session – For online, we recommend a 2 hour opening session. In-person, you can chose a full- (8 hours) or half-day (4 hours) session

  • Session #2 and Beyond –

    • Online – Recommend 1-2 hour sessions. On average clients will have 10-20 hours allocated
    • In-Person – Recommend 2-3 days of training (full or half). Spreading out over multiple days has proved to work best
  • Ongoing Support – Just because the training is done, it doesn’t mean we are. We’re available for as many (or as few) support hours as you need. And at a discounted price for having completed our training!


Just like our training, our pricing is completely customized. Contact us today to get an estimate, we think you’ll be happy with the value you’ll receive.

And don’t forget, by committing to both training and support hours you will receive a 10% discount.