How Many Is Too Many?

We are often asked, “how often should we be sending emails to our database?” Unfortunately there is no easy answer to that, but we will try in this post.

I’ve heard two schools of thought with frequency. The first is, “every time I send an email, I get sales.” That point is hard to argue and you see many big companies executing this philosophy. For me, I don’t like this approach. I find that people are more likely to open and act on your emails if they aren’t annoyed by receiving them. Plus, each time you send an email the chances of people unsubscribing goes up. If you are a large company or are strong at generating leads, then this isn’t the biggest deal. But if your database doesn’t change often I would consider throttling your sends.

If you are questioning how many times you are sending, keep a close eye on your unsubscribe rate (I’m assuming you’re already looking at the open rate). When that number starts to go up then you open up a lot more problems, including the possibility of being marked as spam by the providers.

Again, this will be different for each business, but my general rule is 1-2 emails per week, with the caveat that the material has to be new. Sending the same thing over and over again will tire customers and your emails will just become noise.

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